Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update Tuesday 12/11-1/7

Wow.  That's a lot of time to update on.

But, really it's not.  Because I took much of December off from writing I came into 2012 feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle a lot of creative stuff.

And boy did 2012 start off with a creative bang.  I don't quite recall how far I'd gotten in my edits before I took my hiatus.  But I'm more than halfway through the first round of edits, taking my manuscript from draft 1.5 to 2.

But that's not even the biggest flash of creativity that 2012 brought me.  I've been struggling of late to come up with a new title for this book.  It had the working title of Mirror, Mirror which I really wasn't fully enamored with.  Well, I am happy to say I now have a title which quite tickles my fancy and really fits the book.

The new title is...



I'm still trying to come up with a better series title but that's a concern for another day.  It's not as critical as a good title for the first book was.  I'm hoping to finish up edits this week then I'll be in need of finding a couple of betas before I edit the next draft.

I'm brewing up another project, working on the research and world-building.  This particular story has been hanging around the outer edges of my creative consciousness for a while and I think it's finally time I try my hand at it.  I may fail horribly at getting the story out the way I envision it in my head, but that's what a first draft is for, right?

How are your projects coming?


  1. They are going great and I am already writing my fifth book in my series. The second volume is also already getting edited by my editor Harry.

  2. Yay, Steph! I'm glad that you are making some positive progress! And I love the name Woven. It's intriguing. Things on my end are on hold, but that's another story.

  3. Congrats on a successful hiatus! "Woven" intrigues...great choice!

  4. That's a really intriguing title. I'm glad you've been feeling that creative energy. I've had a pretty good January, writing-wise, too.

  5. Love the new title! WOVEN sounds intriguing. Good luck with your projects. I'm plugging away on mine.


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