Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Greatest Fear

I have one great fear. Greater than negative or even mean-spirited reviews. Greater than fear of rejection or inadequacy. Greater even than a fear of never archiving this great dream of becoming a published author.

What is my fear, you ask?

That secretly, I'm that person on American Idol. You know the one. The delusional singer wannabe whose close friends have never had the heart to tell them they aren't any good. They refuse to believe the judges when the inevitable crickets chirp and the judges breathe out their collective no.

I fear that I'm the one let through for the ratings, for the sensationalism. I fear that my writing isn't as good as people might say.

I fear what goes unsaid.


  1. I think that everyone fears that. But not everyone is going to like your story. Some will, some won't. But that's the beautiful thing, that we are all different, like different things. So no matter what you write. A group of people out there will like your story. So make it a goal to have a large group. :)

  2. Oh, I hear ya. :( I just have to keep telling myself that even if everyone hates it, if one person likes it then that's good enough for me. :)

  3. Hi Stephanie! I'm a fellow book-country-er and have been checking out some new blogs. I have the same fear and secretly love when I get reviews full of things that need to be fixed. Mothers and friends, and many times even acquaintances, tend to be too nice, so it's good to hear real raw feedback.

    And I agree with Melanie - so many more tastes to appeal to in the writing world!

  4. We definitely can't please everyone with our writing. So just do your best, and when you get a "bad" review, you just shrug and move on.

  5. I think we all feel that way. Don't let it get to you. I think your friends who really care will be honest. Keep going! I always tell myself that if the writing's not good now, I can always work to make it better!

  6. ((hugs)) I totally agree with Angie. I feel that way all the time. And I, for one, was wholly honest with you when I critiqued Lodestar. I didn't go easy on you. I told you what needed fixed (totally easy to fix stuff). I would have told you if I couldn't read it. If there was just too much to fix (well, I would have told you nicely and stuff, lol). But LODESTAR is an awesome story and YOU are a talented writer. I know because I've read your stuff. So there. Can't use that one anymore--I refuse to let you!

  7. Oh, gosh, this is one of my greatest fears, too. Even after getting a publisher and having random strangers tell me they love my work (and other saying they don't), I still think everyone is completely lying to me when they say I'm a good writer. I think you know that I will always be honest with you (after the chapters I sent back to you). I was honest in those, and I was afraid you would hate me. The truth is - it's not about you, but the book. Every book is different. If a reader doesn't like one thing you write, they might love another. Who knows. And who cares! Write what YOU love. Do your best. Make mistakes. Write poorly. Write amazingly. Just make sure you are DOING. That's seriously all that matters. Love you, my friend. :)

  8. I think we all feel this way sometimes--we don't get to be insecure writers for nothing!

    But no, I don't think you're that person on American Idol!


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