Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spending Gray Matter

What will you spend your gray matter on today?

Daydreaming about falling in love?

Daydreaming about finding the perfect job?

Daydreaming about winning the HGTV dream home, selling it, and using the proceeds to pay off debts?

Daydreaming about a book deal that will break all records and shoot you to stardom overnight?

Daydreaming about the future you can't control?

Or will you spend it on what you can control?

The words on the page.

The characters in your head.

Dreaming up new ways to torture and stretch your characters.

Spending a little less time with the TV on and more time with a book open in your lap.

Planning lunch with writer friends.

Tweeting to build friendships with the writer friends you can't see in person.

Making the most of every day in your current job.

Making the most of every minute you get to spend with your family.

What will you spend your gray matter on today?


  1. I love this. Thanks for the reminder to think about what matters most in life. :)

    1. I think we could all use reminders like this from time to time, myself more than most. Thank you for coming by the blog!

  2. All of the above! Except hopefully most of it on writing. :)

    1. Just don't forget to balance it with time with family and living life. For without life we have nothing to draw on or from.


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