Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update Tuesday 2/26-3/3

Sorry it's been a while, friends, since my last real update post.  Life gets crazy sometimes.

After ages and ages struggling with this next draft of Woven I finally neared the end of the draft this last week.  It was slow going there for a while.  I'm also adding new material to the end of the book, ending the book a bit later in the narrative of the trilogy than I originally planned.

But once I got past the roadblock of the first few chapters (which gave me some serious complaints when trying to revise them), things started going a lot better and faster.

How are your WiPs going?


  1. Actually, I can relate to your post and thank you for sharing. I had a tedious time with one chapter, but feel a sense of satisfaction that the tedious work paid off.

  2. I JUST finished my first draft two days ago. The end was a long slog for me as well, I think because I'd thought it through so many times that there wasn't the excitement of discovery of the plotline. But it's nice to be done and into revisions now!


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