Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project Overload

I realize I probably shouldn't say this, but I have too many projects in the pipeline.

*dodges rotten fruit and vegetables*

Right now I'm sitting on two projects that I want to revise and four that I want to world-build and draft.

That's not including the 4 short stories sitting on my hard drive unfinished and the 4 poetry collections I have in-progress and the 1 poetry collection I want to have published and the 1 collection that I want to write and submit.

Sometimes I wish my muse were an android I could rewire so she'd stop giving me story ideas and give me inspiration on the ones that are sitting there waiting to be brought into being.  Some of these projects have been on my shelf for years.  Others are much more recent additions.  All of them are equally clamoring for attention.

All this to say, if you see me tearing my hair out or muttering to myself in a quiet corner of Twitter (while rocking back and forth and looking around shiftily), just smile and nod and maybe call the doctor.  I'm likely going crazy from feeling overwhelmed.

How do you deal with project overload?


  1. Good luck! I only work on one project at at time. I can't do more than that. It would drive me nuts. Heehee.

  2. While my problem is usually the opposite--I can't come up with good ideas--when I do have more than one project brewing, I tend to work on them in chunks, either by days (I'm only working on this article today.) or by time (For the next hour and a half I am focused on this outline.).


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