Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update Tuesday 11/13-11/26


This is another fail week for me.  I didn't do anything but a token bout of revisions on Saturday night so I would have something to report.

Mostly I spent the week in delaying tactics, for some reason, by looking for image inspirations on the web and figuring out what locations I still need to map out.  Finally on Saturday I gave myself a swift kick in the rear and determined that only 3 of the remaining 11 or so locations needed to be mapped in order to effectively carry out revisions on this book in the trilogy.

So I revised a little and added about 110 words to the manuscript.  I still haven't cracked 60K but it's early yet.  There is much revising still to be done.

On top of that, I got a spiffy new book idea that really intrigues me so I'm going to start world-building for that at some point.  I've learned that I can world-build and revise at the same time but it's hard to draft and revise at the same time.  I have to put one aside for a time to do the other, which usually ends up being pausing drafting so I can revise.

Once I get Mirror, Mirror out to betas I can start drafting the new idea and then I can go on from there.  But this idea really intrigues me.  Which means all the other book ideas that still float in my head are being shuffled further down the priority list.


I'm not sure I actually did any work on revisions this week.  It was a holiday week and I had a lot going on.  Will do better this week, I swear it.

How are your WiPs going?


  1. I got absolutely no writing done this past week. Like you said, it was a holiday week. We were super busy with family. I back in the swing of things this week, though.

  2. Yay for world building! I'm sort of doing that right now. And will probably do it all through December instead of write. But come January, I'll be back in the game. :)

  3. I'm right there with you on fail week. Ug. I spend so much time thinking about how much I'll enjoy writing section X, but when faced with actual time to write a million shiny things catch my attention instead.


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