Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WiP Wednesday 9/11-9/17

So, yeah.

I probably only wrote like 1400 words in all of last week.  If I don't step up my game I'm not going to finish this book before the end of the month.

Although, I did do something really important that will help me finish.  (Not necessarily finish by the end of the day September 30th.)  I realized I needed a little bit more going on in the book to flesh out a proper word count.  So I let that thought simmer and when I wasn't looking the perfect idea struck me.  It's not anything I have to weave into what's already been written, just a couple more stumbling blocks to throw at my characters before we reach the end of book 1.

One night instead of writing I ended up re-outlining the rest of book 1 so that I have a framework to build from.  Which was important.  Unfortunately, I kept getting sidetracked and didn't yet make it to sitting down and writing by the time the week was over.

How are your WiPs going?


  1. I love it when great ideas blindside you! That's a hit I don't mind taking!

    WTG on the outlining ~ I'm sure you'll knock out the word count in no time!

  2. Outlining is huge - and it will totally make the book better, so worry not about word count progress. I'm glad your brain spark found you! :)


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