Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inspiration in the Everyday

Sometimes, I get jealous of people who have these amazing dreams that inspired their books.  Twilight famously began with a dream.  I see it all the time on Facebook and Twitter (or so it would seem).

Some people get sparked by a dream, some by a single question around a theme.  For me, inspiration can come from the most mundane of things.

Oracles Promise started off the meaning of a name.  The name became the MC's but I crafted the entire world and story to revolve around the meaning of her name.

Lodestar started with the itch of an idea to write a paranormal story of some sort.  I researched paranormal beings and narrowed the list then a single idea hit me with regards to one of them and the entire crafted world sprang from there.

My current WiP was inspired by an element in a computer game I played the demo of.  Add in a dash of Dorian Grey and a liberal sprinkling of both Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, with a base of Tolkien-esque milieu fantasy and you've got my current WiP.

I never know where my inspiration will come from.  Right now I've got a dystopian setting brewing in my head (no idea where it came from as it's not a genre I love but I'm willing to give it a go if I can read more in the genre) that came about from a combination of an argument with my brother over teacher salaries and things I've learned about No Child Left Behind.  I have an adventure novel that's been stewing for ages that was actually sparked from a dream, but that's unusual for me.

Most often my inspiration comes from the everyday around me.  Where do you get your inspiration from?  Do you know?  Have you thought about it?


  1. My inspiration comes from everywhere when I'm writing. The big idea for a book usually just jumps in my head when I'm not thinking about any thing else.

  2. It's also fascinating to see how writers get inspiration. My newest WIP was inspired by a dream, I guess, but it's changed so radically that the original dream has practically nothing to do with the current situation. :)

  3. I get my inspiration from so many different places. Sometimes it's because I want to write a particular story, sometimes it's because someone says "That would be a funny scene in a book." My simple idea to write a story about a boy destined to become a king has become a five book series, and the boy mentioned isn't even the main character anymore. Though my ideas can come from anywhere (including dreams) a lot of my characters come from observing people in the everyday.


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