Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Literary Travels

Someday I want to travel to spots significant to a lot of different books.  The one that hits me right off the bat is the Lord of the Rings (and now Hobbit) sites in New Zealand.  But I've already managed one trip.  Harry Potter.

Bodelian Library. That corner behind me?  Where Harry's infirmary bed sits.

Remember when Harry first met Malfoy?  Right there where those people are standing.

What's thought to be the inspiration for Hogwarts' Great Hall, the dining halls of British Universities.

I love King's Cross Station.  They went and put a luggage trolley partway into the wall with a platform sign.

St. Pancras Station, around which Harry and Ron flew in the Ford Anglia.

Another, quite awkward shot of St. Pancras Station.  (This station is next door to King's Cross.)

What about you?  What literary travels are on your wishlist?  (I've got Narnia on mine. ;) )


  1. Oh my heck! How fun! I'd love to see the Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. And Harry Potters. And I'm a big dork, but I'd love to go to Forks too. ;)

  2. That is very cool, and yeah, I totally want to go to New Zealand for LoTR! :)

  3. Yeah, New Zealand is a must. Also, Canada. SG-1 scenery, here I come! :) Great post. :)

  4. That is very cool. Looks like so much fun!

  5. Such cool pictures. I'd love to go there. And to middle earth.

  6. Salem, MA.
    By the way have u heard of the Harry potter hotel?

  7. I saw Sherlock Holmes House, and where the balcony from Romeo and Juliet was in Verona. I would love to see the Harrpy Potter places (your photos are awesome, by the way) and go visit some passed writers at the cemetary.


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