Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WiP Wednesday 4/27

I have absolutely no progress to report this week.  This is because I have taken a break from writing.  Sure, my stories are still up there wandering around.  And I'm definitely thinking about them.  So I'll share some thoughts I've been having about them and then we'll be done.

When the Star Fell.  Okay, so I posited a question to some writer friends about picking a POV character.  One came back with the advice that the MC should be the one who has the most to lose and knows the least.  Well, poop.  The one with the most to lose might be the character I'd switch to.  The one who knows the least amount though is the current MC.

I've also had the thought on this one that I'm trying to put it into the wrong genre.  That it should be a straight-up paranormal romance.  But then I'd lose my villain scenes.  And those are some of my favorite scenes/chapters.

Truth or Dare.  I'm still stuck on this one.  I'm not getting much by way of inspiration and I think that it's going to come out way too short to be even a category-length romance novel.

Poetry is still on the backburner.

How are y'all doing with your WiPs?


  1. I'm still "pondering" my query letter. Haven't even started the synopsis.

    I'm stalled out too. I think we all need breaks from time to time. Or try something different for a change of pace, you know?

  2. Laura, I think that's why I have so many started projects that I've never finished sitting on my hard drive. Good luck with the query letter and the synopsis.


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