Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend, following many many Star Wars references.  (Not least of which was naming our entry to the Spudwood Derby, Darth Tater.)  We began debating who would win in a fight.  Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter.  (Said friend is not a fan of HP.)

We ultimately decided it would be Luke.  I mean, he has the Force.  He may be a whiney kid, but he can kick serious tail when it comes to a fight (so long as the Emperor doesn't get involved with his lightning bolts).

Why Luke would win:

1- He has the Force.  All he has to do is tell Harry that they're not enemies.  Fight over.
2- If all else fails, Luke can just pull out his blaster.
3- Luke can deflect spells with his light saber.  Those spells can be bounced back at Harry.
4- Luke can dodge spells.  Those Jedi acrobatics?  Awesome.
5- Luke has C-3PO and R2D2.  All he has to do is re-install those jet packs in R2 and he can distract HP.

Any other reasons you can think of?  Do you think differently?  Argue for your side in the comments!  (Prize?  Title of biggest nerd.  I've held it for a long while.  It's a little heavy, but it's fun.)


  1. OK, I'm game. Harry has a wand that can disvaporate the lightstick and a broom with which he can fly away. He has an invisiblity cloak to allow him to hide from Luke, or sneak up behind him...AND he has Dumbledore on his side...as well as a whole slew of talented wizards AND house elves, with even better skills...gosh, Harry could even make Luke puff up like a balloon and fly away. With a little more thought, I could do better than this...but for now, I'll just take a share of your biggest nerd title. My husband and daughter would take the whole thing from you!

  2. Lightsaber is faster than the time it would take to say a spell in the Harry Potter universe.

    Interesting sidenote: Luke's "Voldemort" was his dad!

  3. Fun thoughts. :D

    I'm going with Harry. Who knows? Maybe Luke's "You are my friend" Jedi mind trick would bounce off of Harry and hit Luke instead. It's happened before. :p

  4. Luke would probably win based on speed alone. Though, if Harry can perfect non-verbal spells, then Luke wouldn't know what was coming enough to stop it with a lightsaber and Bam! Stupefied.

  5. Luke is a Jedi Grandmaster he would totally mope the floor with Harry not to mention Harry is a drop out ok sure he might have defeated Voldemort which got him a GED lol..... Luke has has alot of Force powers at his disposal. He can apply the force in three aspects Control, Sense, and Alter. He could also push his body to beyond his limits using Force Body and not to mention he can use Force heal... he can also use Force choke which would choke Harry and leave him open for a lightsaber impale. And lastly Luke has the Shatterpoint ability which can finds and identify any weakness or fracture in a subject which is Harrys scar in his forehead add just a l;ittle pressure to the force and his head would split open like a Watermelon... Luke has beaten a wide variety of foes from Stormtroopers to Sith Lords.... oh and as for Harrys spells well it needs a line of sight meaning he has to aim his target Luke is fast he can dodge any spell that Harry can throw

  6. as for the cloak of invisibility that wouldnt work against Jedi they have the ability to sense Harry in his cloak using force sense which is used used to feel another being's feelings, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, impending danger. Harry sneaking up on Luke is impossible and side note talented wizards and house elves please xD Luke has Yoda and an army of Jedi Masters and Knights


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