Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Titling Your Novel

I face a dilemma, friends.  (Yes I've emerged from blogging hiatus.  Though for how long is yet to be determined.)

You see, Lodestar needs a new title.  This is because in the Google alerts I've been getting for that title, it shows up as a way of referring to a foreign political leader.  Not exactly the connotation I want to have associated with my book.

And I can't come up with anything else on my own.

My options that I've brainstormed myself:


Thanks to a Saturday tweet, I've been graced with the following options:

Solar Redemption
Song of the Sun
And Then the Stars Fall
First Star Rising
Dawn at the Edge of Black

(Thanks go to Liana Brooks for these ones!)

I've fallen in love with one from that latter list.  (But I'm not going to say.)  But this is where my second dilemma comes in.

I know that more often than not, a book's title gets changed during the publication process.  The title I'm in love with (aside from the first one I named it and have been referring to it by for the past year and some odd months) doesn't perfectly fit the novel.  I'm tempted to tweak the novel to make the book fit the title.

But do I do that?  Or do I go with a blander title that I don't love so I'm not devastated when a publisher wants to change it down the road?

What are your thoughts?  (And please vote in the poll on the sidebar for your favorite title from this post.)


  1. Well, you can't be too in love with a title, I'm afraid. I wouldn't tweak your book unless you think it will make the book better. You do need a great title to submit under, though. Good luck choosing! I voted for "And Then the Stars Fall."

  2. Don't change your book to match the title. I think there are plenty of books where the title doesn't exactly fit the book but it's close enough. And if the publisher changes the title, that's okay! Save that title you loved for the sequel (and then you can write with the title in mind) or for another book!

  3. Do not change your book to fit the title. Your book should be your book, as strong as it can be even if it has title quandry right now. And, if the one you love doesn't fit, perhaps the right title hasn't appeared yet. Maybe the publisher will identify the best title in the long run...you never know!

  4. No don't change the story for the title. Because it will most likely change. I like First Star Rising or Star Fall. I just changed my title after about 8 years. It's hard.


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