Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WiP Wednesdays 11/18


Ok, sorry for the shouting.  But I'm really happy to be done with that chapter.

I think it was my evil inner editor that kept me in that chapter.  It kept telling me that I had to cram in every necessary character introduction and multiple other events into the chapter.

I finally sedated the evil inner editor (hereafter called "the thing") and finished the chapter.

If I hadn't had to work the night I finished it, I'd have gone hog wild to celebrate.  (OK, I would have just gotten caught up watching Food Network and Castle instead of writing.)

The same day I finished that chapter, I hit the 60% mark in my progress.

Some stats and random facts:

Chapter from Hades is number 14 of 18.

Chapter from Hades is 8,692 words long.  (Yikes, I know!)  That's a total of 24 pages.  I think that's officially my longest chapter thus far.

Chapter from Hades is roughly 10% of the overall book length (of what I've got written so far).  My math may not be entirely accurate on that.  It was never my best subject.

Largest word in wordle: My MC's name.  That's good, right?  My other characters' names (with a couple exceptions) are almost as large.

The thing reared its ugly head though last night.  I was bored, and procrastinating, and I started a sticky note of the unresolved threads I began in the book.  I've only got one so far but I didn't make it very far into what I've written.  See, Thing came out to play.  I shouldn't be editing or worrying about editing or any of that.  I've still got 40% of this puppy to pen.

I've concocted a scheme to help me figure out the answer to one question regarding my MS.  It's going to take a ton of work to accomplish, but I'm hopeful I could make it work.  It won't happen until I've finished the first draft though.

If you need a crit partner or group, check out Lynnette's blog.  She's playing matchmaker right now.  Go check it out and see what comes of it.

I think I'll have a couple of contests here in the near future.  But again I'm stuck with a lack of prize ideas.  Must think on this.


  1. YAY!

    Glad you got past it... now hope you can keep The Thing in check when you need to.

  2. YAY!!!! Good for you, I knew you could do it :)

  3. Congrats in the accomplishment! I really wish I had an evil inner editor. Can I buy one on Amazon?

  4. Thanks, L.T. My hopes are the same. (For all my writer buddies.)

    Julie D, thanks!

    Julie, Thanks! And don't worry, you'll get an evil inner editor at some point. I guarantee it. There will be that moment where you go "I need to change this." And you'll want to despite knowing you should hold off. That's your evil inner editor.

  5. Congrats on finishing that chapter. It does sound like a tough one. Keep trudging along.

  6. Oh, that's great! Doesn't it feel awesome to push and finish it? I had a bad couple of chapters in my recent story, too. *shudder*

  7. Yay! I had a chapter like that too and then I ended up cutting it. I hope you don't have that problem!

  8. Good for you Stephanie! Hooray for sticking to it.

  9. Good for you Stephanie. Hooray for sticking to it!

  10. Thanks, Susan. The trudging will have to wait till tomorrow though. I'll be away from the computer the rest of the day.

    Jennifer, I feel your pain. And I ape your shudder.

    Stephanie, I'm sure this chapter will have to be pared down a lot. It's 24 pages long right now. But it won't get cut completely, I don't think. How long till you can start editing on Hatshepsut?

    Liza, thanks!

  11. Oh WOW! that sure is a lot of pages! Congrats on getting through it :)


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