Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tantalus Tuesday

Yet again it's time for another rousing rendition of Tantalus Tuesday!  (Reminder, these snippets are completely out of their context.  They are meant to give you a little hint of what may be going on in the other half of my brain that lives in a different world.  No critiquing, please.)

This month we're back to Oracles Promise for our Tantalus Tuesday.  I'm still not done with the book, but I'm making progress.

Without further ado.


And thus ends our journey through the perilous waters of my mind.  This month, at the very least.

Till next time, friends, I bid you adieu.


  1. Thanks, Elana!

    Thanks, Stephanie! Progress indeed! (Just wait for tomorrow's WiP Wednesday. And bring earplugs.)

  2. I can't help wonder what she's afraid of...


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