Thursday, October 29, 2009

Consistency thy name is EDITOR

On October 11, my mom and I watched the second episode of the CBS show Three Rivers.  (Sigh, Moonlight  we barely knew thee.)  My mom and I had watched the pilot episode the week before.

It's common that from pilot to second episode there are changes.  Someone's re-cast, a character is eliminated and another brought in, etc.  But the writers are always consistent with timelines and such.

Except on Three Rivers.  In the first episode, there's a new transplant assistant coordinator (whatever his title is).  The doctors all know who he is, he seems to have a pretty good handle on what his job entails, etc.

In episode 2, he's just being hired.  No one knows him and he's thrust into an entirely new situation that he has no idea how to handle.  He doesn't seem able to do his job, etc.

Consistency thy name is EDITOR.

Or, in our case, internal editor.  For writers, we have to know everything about our characters, etc. there is to know before we start writing so that we can stay consistent.  This will help keep plot holes to a minimum in first draft, etc.  (I really like using "etc" in this post, eh?)  So we need to develop a good editorial eye to keep consistent within each project.

That's all.  It was just really bugging me that this had happened on network television.  Sigh.

Oh, and please vote in the poll.  (See sidebar.)  Any "other votes" please use the comments for this post to explain.  Footloose and Fancy-free would be a chance for me to just talk about whatever.  Poetry would be topics related to the craft of poetry (a lot of which I've found helpful in fiction writing).  Just let me know as I'm still struggling with this one.  Thanks.


  1. Oh geez, how could they not catch that?! Sloppy sloppy.

  2. I always giggle when I catch little things like that (though that one is not so little) in books and shows

  3. LOL, I used to catch things like that on older shows all the time!

  4. Well, crap. Your post has just informed me that my little Southern town in my book is going to have to get a new name...

    because it's Three Rivers.

    Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.

  5. it looks like footloose is winning by a landslide

  6. That did happen a lot with older sitcoms. The change usually made the show stronger.

    Good point about knowing our characters well, the less potholes I have the better.

  7. I can't stand it when things like that happen on television or in literature. I hope I don't have any of that in my writing. I'm going to pay extra attention from now on.

  8. Julie, I know, right?

    Tess, so true. Continuity errors are always interesting to catch.

    Anne, I'll laugh right along with you.

    L.T., sorry about that. I hate when that sort of thing happens.

    Speaking, thanks for stopping by!

    Tamika, usually changes in character/casting do make a show stronger. But in this case it was just the timeline stuff that got so confusing. Thanks!

    Good luck with your edits, Susan.

  9. That's a pretty blatent error! Looks like your footloose and fancy free is ahead by a landslide.

  10. I agree, consistency is key. It's amazing that tv show editors miss things so blatant.

  11. Deb, it does indeed.

    Roni, seriously so true.

  12. One of the hardest things about writing is consistency. Because we can't sit down and type out the whole book in one sitting.


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