Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fluff

Honestly, I don't have anything really substantial to blog today. Hence the title of the post. So instead of meaty content I'm going to blog some things I like about July.

1- It's not June. Honestly and truly, June is my least favorite month of the year.

2- I get two days off from work. (State holiday gives me the second one. But only because I work for a state entity.)

3- I've got nothing else. Because of #2 I also hate July. It means fireworks are legal twice in the month. And in a drought season? Yeah.

I also like that July is almost over. But not at the same time because that means we're one month closer to winter.


  1. How could June possibly be your least favorite month????! I don't get that at all, hah. It's the promise of summer. It's finally getting warm. Everything is getting green. There's no big holidays. I love June. But hey, whatever floats your boat, lol. My least favorite holiday is January. I HATE that month. February is my next least favorite.

    1. June's just never been a month for good news. It has a lot of unhappy memories for me. That's all. It actually has nothing to do with seasons or holidays. (Also, I hate being hot so I really don't like summer anymore.)


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