Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Value of a Blog

Lately, I've really been reconsidering whether to continue with this blog. Obviously, I haven't posted in a while here and that's been for a variety of reasons.

First among those is that I really feel like I don't have anything valuable to say. This partly stems from my last blog post, the open letter on bullying. After I wrote that and kept it up, it started to feel like that was the most important thing I ever have said or ever could say again. And I just spent it on a small blog that gets a handful of page views. Sure, I could probably do more to promote the blog, but is it necessary?

Secondly, I find myself lately not reading blogs. I have blogs in my blog roll and people post. But very often, I scan the titles of their newest posts and then click mark as read in my reader. They don't get opened and they certainly don't get clicked-through if the author has enabled reader shortening.

Third, since I took a long break from writing I haven't been as motivated to keep up on social media as I used to. Even when I'm drafting, social media never feels like a priority.

Honestly, the last three (almost four) years of blogging are starting to feel like they've been a bit of a waste. Not a colossal waste. Not a total waste. But a bit of a waste.

So if I'm quiet around here for a while longer, just know I'm still lurking and such. But I'm quiet because I'm not certain this is the most valuable spot for my voice to be.


  1. I miss you around, but I understand completely where you are. Sometimes blogging has felt like a way for me to scream out and be seen all the time, but I've finally gotten to the point where it just has to be for me and if I don't feel like posting, I just won't. Do what feels right for you. If your time is better spent working on writing and drafts, definitely do that instead! And give me a call to chat because I miss you!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. It's nice to know it's noticed when I'm quiet and not around. I think the blog is going to become just my place to say anything and everything, whether it's writing-related or not. (Within reason, of course.) We'll see. And, yes, we need to catch up sometime.


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