Friday, January 18, 2013

Daydreaming and Wishing

Sometimes when I daydream about a writing career, I imagine getting Heirs of the Seven Realms with a publisher who will take all the other stories I have planned out. And then my imagination goes really wild and concocts a project so out there only an air-headed dreamer would dare hope it could happen.

Sometimes I imagine that after all the stories from this realm have been told, the publisher agrees to an atlas. The lands, the cities, the buildings. All of it done up in gorgeous artwork and accompanied by commentary from me.

And then my fingers just go wild and start writing out everything my brain can remember about my design process when creating the maps, the cities, the buildings. Because if it doesn't get written down now, my brain might not remember it when it comes time to get it pulled together.

Then I have to rein in my imagination and my fingers and remind myself that something like that is a long way off. (As in never going to happen.)

But it's always interesting to look back at the maps and such I've created and try to recall what was going through my mind when I made it.

Does your imagination ever go hog wild at the possibilities of a future career in writing? Or the possibilities of your career if it's already started?

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  1. It is wonderful to dream. Never stop that.

    Never stifle your imagination, either!

    My imagination doesn't go wild at the possibility of a writing career, but I do sometimes let myself dream of the possibility. If I could finish a novel!

    1. You'll finish that novel. My first novel I ever set out to write? Took me 8 years to get a finished first draft. I learned a lot about myself in that time and while the manuscript is not one which will ever be published, it was very important to my development. So don't give up on that writing. And you may surprise yourself.

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    3. Thank you for the faith :)

      I'm lucky I have a writing critique group that will hunt me down if I don't finish this thing. :)

      Still, it's a slow slog. 1 chapter a month is about the most I can manage.

  2. Yeah, my imagination has gone wild a few times! It never leads anywhere good, honestly. I find it better if I should go with the flow and be happy with where I'm at. I've had to learn that one too many times.


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