Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update Tuesday 7/1-7/7

Another week gone. Before we know it we'll be on the downward slide toward winter.

Oh wait, we already are. Stupid summer solstice. (I kid, I kid.)

Anyways. While we're dying of heat here in Utah (seriously, it's going to be 100+ the next three days), I am camped out in the basement where I still need socks on my feet.

What have I been doing while camping out in the basement?

Writing of course. (And Twittering, and Pinterest, and a lot of solitaire.)

I've been working like a madwoman on HotG. My goal is to have this book first drafted by the end of July. And not to brag but if I can maintain the mad pace I've set for myself, I'll totally be there.

This book is a departure for me in so many ways. I started out writing it in third person past tense but about a paragraph into it I switched that over to first person past tense.

Then just over 5K into it, I switched that all over to first person present tense. And I've continued to write in that combination the entire week. I'm not sold on it. More times than not I set aside books that are written in first person present tense. The main reason I do so is that I'm not connecting to the character or story. But I do feel like the POV and tense combination is a contributing factor to that.

I digress.

In the date range in this post title I've written 12,152 words on HotG. I ended the week slightly behind. I should have ended at an even 12,500 minimum word count to be truly on track for completion at the end of the month. But Saturdays are nearly impossible when it comes to writing.

How are your WiPs going?


  1. My computer is currently located in my front room next to the sliding glass door that kids open and shut all day. Between that and being seven months prego I'm am way too hot to write! I keep telling my hubby that we need to move the computer to the basement, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Way to go on your word count sounds like you're doing awesome!

    1. That is no fun. I can't stand being hot. I can't imagine trying to write when hot. No fun. Thanks for coming by!

  2. Holy Cow!!! 12000+ in a week??? WOW! good for you - keep going!!!

  3. Utah is wayyyyyy tooooo hot right now. And all those fires are crazy. I don't blame you camping out in your basement. If I had one, I def would be down there.

    Keep on writing, chica. You can do it!

    1. Amen to that one. Yeah, I'll totally miss a basement when I lose it. But for now I'm enjoying it.


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