Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update Tuesday 12/4-12/10

Another week gone by?  How is it already nearly the middle of December?

Last week was actually kind of productive for me.  I'm a little closer to picking out a new title for this book and a new title for the series, but I'm still so torn.  I have a few options but nothing is really sparking for me.  I've never had so much trouble titling a book as I have with this one.  (At least of the ones that I've written.  The ones that are in the pipeline, the ones I think I might write next, are another matter entirely.)

As for the actual revisions, I've been really slow on those.  This past week I did manage to revise three chapters and outline two of those for my revision outline.  But with the holidays I'm finding it rather hard to keep up.  (And the fact that my car had to go into the shop, I'm working every day, my driver's license is soon to expire, I have a birthday coming up and pretty much everything else.)  And I start to feel guilty when I get busy with all the real-life stuff that has to be taken care of right away and thus don't get to anything related to writing.

How are your WiPs going?


  1. I know the feeling Stephanie! I also am having nightmares with titling the wip, which is in draft 2 stages. But I'm trying to focus more on getting the words done, as December is really screwing with my schedule so progress is slooooow.

    Sigh - no one said it was going to be easy but I will be happy when I can get back into my little routine again in January.

  2. Ack revisions. I'm in the middle of a revision myself, and while it's going well, it still feels like I'm trudging up a mountain.

    And Real Life is interfering as well. :) Maybe it's just natural to expect during the holidays.


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