Friday, May 20, 2011

"Sacred Places" by Angie Lofthouse: Blog Contest Tour Stop

It's my pleasure today to host my friend, Angie's, Out of This World Blog Tour and Contest.  Angie has been around my blog almost since its beginnings.  We've met in person and I can honestly say she's among the sweetest and kindest people you'll ever meet.  She's a prolific writer and an editor to boot.  (And be sure to check out her book Defenders of the Covenant from Walnut Springs Press, due later this year.)

"Sacred Places" first appeared in Irreantum Magazine's Winter 2003/Spring 2004 issue, after receiving an Honorable Mention in the 2003 Irreantum Fiction Contest.

Life on a distant planet with her archeologist husband is not all that Rachael Murray had hoped it would be. With two small children, a busy husband, and neighbors she's not sure she wants to meet, Rachael feels homesick and neglected. But if she opens herself up to the possibilities, she may find more to love in her new home that she ever imagined.

To enter The Out of This World Adventure giveaway, click on the story title to read the story, then come back here and answer the following question in the comments:

Have you ever learned to get along with someone you didn't think you'd get along with?

Your comment will give you one entry in the grand prize drawing (includes an Amazon gift card, free book and other fun stuff!), plus one commenter on this post will win a Milky War bar. Mmmm. Include your email address, if it isn't on your profile, so we can contact the winners.

Be sure to visit the other stops on the Adventure and good luck!


  1. I'd love to find out more about that world and the civilization that James discovered.

    Have I ever learned to get along with someone I didn't think I'd get along with? Yes, I have. I learned about a young woman through the negative comments of another, and I thought I wouldn't like her. Then I met her, and got to know her, and I found I really did like her after all.

  2. I am notorious (at least in my own mind) for finding someone distasteful at first glance, saying something negative about them, then winding up gettting along great with them. You'd think after, oh, 47 years of this, I might learn to keep my opinions to myself!

  3. Cute story! Some of my best friends were people I didn't think I would ever get along with. I was delighted to be wrong!

  4. i cant rember forsure if i have had to learn to get along with someone i didnt like but i do know that i have learned not to form my opinion about others from other peoples negitive comments i i get to know the person first because i may get along with and like someone when others dont

  5. Thanks so much for hosting the story, Stephanie! I have learned to get along with people whose philosophy or beliefs did not agree with mine. It's nice to realize that we're all people and we can find something in common if we try. Thanks for the comments and for reading Melanie and Teri.

  6. I've met Angie myself; she exudes sweetness! I'm with Linz, made great friends with people I didn't mesh with so well at first. Love when that happens!
    Thanks for sharing that sweet story! :)

  7. Funny. Tiff and Linz and I must have all posted at the same time, because I didn't see their comments before. So thanks you two. And thank you, Kimberly. That's sweet of you!

  8. This has been such a fun tour, Angie! Loving your writing.

    I'm pretty easy going. This year for instance, I had to bite my tongue so I didn't add to the waves someone was causing.

  9. In high school, a girl transferred into my math class a couple weeks after the start of my junior year. I didn't think much of it and just kind of ignored her. However, we had quizzes every few days, and since we sat next to her, we swapped to correct each other's quizzes; I always got mine back with something wrong, and she generally got 100%, so I started resenting her. After a while though and actually getting to know her and not her red pen, she became one of my best friends at that school.


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