Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WiP Wednesday 11/24

Howdy!  Guess what?  I actually have a little bit of progress to report.  Shocking, right?

Since last week's update, I've managed to add 3,211 words to Clockworks and Cogs.  A large chunk of that was a scene that I put in wholesale (with a couple minor tweaks) from the short story.  So not all "new" words in the literal sense, but still new for the novel version of this story.

A version which I'm considering abandoning.  We shall see.

How are your WiPs going?


  1. Congrats on the progress!

    I officially finished my NaNoWriMo novel last night. I plan to take today and tomorrow off and then get to work on new stories this weekend.

  2. Congratulations! 3K is a wonderful addition!

  3. Great progress, keep it up! Revisions certainly count. My WIP is getting kinda slighted lately, so I hope to get back to it soon...realistically, that might not be til after Thanksgiving!

  4. Any progress is good progress. :)


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