Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WiP Wednesday 10/20

Apparently, I've never posted a progress update during the month of October.  (And I'm so tired as I write this post that I typed November instead of October.)

So, here's a progress update.

I've added a couple thousand words to Clockworks and Cogs.

I am also desperately missing my muse and my writing time.  Sigh.

How are your WiPs going?


  1. i have a revision that i'm working on.....been stuck on the same page for 2 weeks. sigh. i could totally write something new, but i have to get this revision done first. :(

  2. Rocking along despite my creative writing class' attempt to derail me! I set myself daily word count goals, gave myself "weekends" to make it more realistic, and am planning on finishing by Thanksgiving. Of course, talk to me in two weeks and see how I feel about it then :).
    BTW, I LOVE your WIP title!

  3. This time last year I didn't have a WIP, now do, and am experiencing the roller ride so many write about. So far, it's fun....

  4. Writing is going well for me, but time is going by to fast. It seems I just can't get enough time anymore. Happy writing!

  5. Glad you've added a couple thou. It all adds up!


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