Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Descriptors #1

(Welcome to another semi-regular feature on the blog wherein I post something that can be used in a book or story to add detail that is fresh, but through careful use can be an accurate and relatable descriptor.)

larch |lär ch |nouna coniferous tree with bunches of deciduous bright green needles, found in cool regions of the northern hemisphere. It is grown for its tough timber and its resin (which yields turpentine). See also tamarack Genus Larix, family Pinaceae: several species, including thecommon (or European) larch ( L. decidua).ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Middle High German larche, based onLatin larix.

Took this from my dictionary program on my computer.  (It came with the computer.)

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  1. Sound like a nice word to slip in. Thanks!

    If you get a chance, I'm hosting a Halloween Haunting at my blog "Substitute Teacher's Saga" from 10/28-11/1 if you want to join in. There are prizes!


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