Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WiP Wednesday 9/29

I added a few words to the WiP.

And that's about it.

How are your WiPs going?


  1. I also read your previous post and have got to say that you're really organized, very professional. I admire that so much! And thank you for passing on some great tips. Yes, the photos helped as I'm very visual.

  2. Going slow right now for me too - trying to find those uninterrupted moments has been challenging lately! Enjoying your posts

  3. I'm going slow too, since my mind is a bit snarled up in academics and sorting out character voice problems...

    All the best


  4. Like you I've only added a few words - completed chapter 7 which I felt ended with a great climactic scene of intrigue and suspense but then for some reason I stalled on chapter 8. I know where I think my characters want to go but I can't decide if I should take a short cut of walk to the long way if you get me. So I'm giving my valkyries a break from my mind and having a stab at outlining to see if that might unlock chapter 8's secrets. It's been proving interesting though as I found I've labelled each scene that occurs a reason such as reveal, clue, hints, introduction, exploration or enviornment etc. It's helped me to see a bit if what I've written so far has any purpose in the over all story. But I definitely intend to get chapter 8 done before half term in 2 weeks time hehehe so much for my 1000 words a day challenge :P Good luck with yours!


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