Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your thoughts?

Yesterday, I read a book that is soon to be made into a movie.  Well, I think it's been filmed.  I don't know when it's being released.

But I looked up on IMDB to see who was cast in what roles.  I saw some pictures that make me very concerned.  It doesn't at all fit with the way it was described in the book.  And I'm not talking about minor details.  We're talking integral appearance of characters, names, etc.

Now I'm not certain that I want to go see the movie.  And it's making me wonder how I'll deal if someone ever wanted to make my book into a movie.  I don't know that I'd want that to happen.

What are your thoughts?  Would you want any of your books to be made into movies?  Would you be upset if they made changes you felt unnecessary?  Or would you be able to look at it like the separate medium it is?


  1. I heard Ian Flemming was not happy with Sean Connery being cast as James Bond so I can see where an author or reader would have a certain vision and want to stick with it.
    I wouldn't be happy either, but I think I would be able to get past it. (A little bit anyway) LOL

  2. What a wonderful topic to discuss. I've never thought about any of my books being made into a movie. As soon as you asked the question I thought that my stories might be to intricate but after Harry Potter coming out and having read the entire series I know that can't be true.

    I don't think I'd be upset if my novel were to be made into a movie, in fact I think I would find it very neat, that being said I would hope that my readers weren't too upset if the cast members were off from my characters. I would like to think I have a say in what they look like... but that begs the question, do they agree with what I have envisioned?

  3. My books are all WIPs right now, but what a scary thought. I've seen so many of my favorites books slaughtered as movies that the potential is frightening. But what if ...

  4. I think if I got to that point and actually sold the movie rights I would be okay with whatever they decided to do. The tricky part would be to get me to sell the movie rights. But as Scott from the Lit Lab always says, a movie will sell more copies of your book than anything else ever would. Even if it's bad. :)

  5. J.K. Rowling is luck because she's one of the few authors who had control over the movies based on her books.

    Eragon the movie veered too much from the book. My son was so disappointed by The Lightning Thief. If the movies aren't going to closely reflect the book, they writers, producers, and directors shouldn't bother.

  6. I think it's a real concern. So many good fantasy stories are not as good as movies--Percy Jackson (my daughter was so disappointed for many of the reasons you mention) & Inkheart are a few that come to mind. Not getting the skin color right would be a big upsetting thing for me. But it would be cool to have your story told. We can only hope to have that problem.

  7. I just thought you'd like to know that my post for today was inspired by you :)


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