Friday, June 25, 2010

Footloose and Fancy-free Friday Ideas

Okay, so I posted yesterday about juggling multiple ideas.  Today I'm going to somewhat continue with that theme.

Really, I have more ideas than I know what to do with.  There are the four different poetry collections I'm working on.  But those I just tinker with and add to as I feel inspired.  (Speaking of, I need to type up the one I wrote on my flight earlier this month.)

Then there's my current project.  I have an idea for a follow-up novel for that one, too.

I had the world's trippiest dream a week or so ago and with some work I think it could end up being a middle grade fantasy.

I have a fantasy trilogy that has been stewing for a couple of years now.  That one might get turned in a steampunk direction.  We shall see.

There's the vampire story idea which I am blatantly refusing to allow myself to entertain.  But it's still there.

My adventure novel that I've got simmering is one that I think I could feasibly work into a set of three interrelated yet entirely separate books.  There'd be an overall character arc, but the plots would be self-contained.

And let's not forget the brief flirtation I had last year with a mystery novel idea.

How many books is that?


Yeesh.  I guess I should be happy that the well isn't drying up too soon on the idea train.

But at the same time, I'm so scattered.  There's fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, middle grade, adult, mystery, on and on.

Yes, I have a very severe case of MWPD.

You can wake up now.


  1. You can totally write 11 books all at the same time. I believe in you! Hahaha. You'll just have to give up a few things ... like eating and sleeping to make sure you have time!

  2. you sound just like me! so many books, so little time!

  3. It sounds fun to have so many ideas floating around. I am a one idea at a time kind of gal. Once I'm done with one, then I have to wait for the next idea to strike, which is where I'm at right now.

  4. Oh my gosh, a kindred soul!!!

    I have about 10 or so book ideas too, and today I came up with a new YA series idea... *facepalm*

    Then there's the non-fiction projects I want to try out.

    And the eBooks to write, which are completely different from the non-fiction.

    And I do love writing short stories.

    And I'd love to get into magazine writing...

    And since there are too many ideas, I have no idea where to start :('s a virtual HIGH-FIVE to our insanity! :D

  5. It's great you have so many ideas. Good luck writing them.

  6. There's an award for you on my blog! Come pick it up...

  7. Just came from Tessa's blog.

    When I have too many idea, I jot notes so I don't forget.

    Last year, I had an idea for a vampire story that refused to die. Even though I knew it was foolish, I wrote it.

  8. Awesome! *many, many writing cookies*

  9. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I really have to force myself to focus on one thing rather than flitting around from idea to idea but often, I'll admit, I let myself work on multiple things at once so I never get bored!


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