Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The ending of an era

OK, so I've ended one era this year already.  I closed the door on my YA fantasy novel that I'd been working on for 8 years.

Yesterday, I decided that it's time to close another door.

I've discussed morning pages before.  (Look here and here.)

My first attempt at morning pages was rather short-lived.  And I cheated by making myself only write 2 pages.  (And back then, I didn't write every day.)  That was from February 19-23, 2009.  I started up again on June 11, 2009.  This time doing it properly.

I wrote faithfully every morning (most days just as soon as I got up) until November 27, 2009.  With the holidays came work and with that came early days and such.  Then school hit in January and those were early days for me.  There are spans where I could tell it was a Monday or Wednesday because I either only wrote a handful of lines or no pages at all every other day.

Then last month hit and I ran out of things to say.  Almost half the month, I didn't write my pages.  I haven't written any pages in May.

So, it's time to close the book on morning pages.  While they may prove useful to other people, I have yet to really see the benefit.  And it'll give me an extra 20 minutes in the day that I can use to get going earlier so I can get to my writing time sooner.

Have you closed the book on any sort of era in your life?  Does it always feel like ripping a bandaid off?

Cause sometimes, it does for me.


  1. I've never been into things like Morning Pages. I'd rather be working on my wip. :)

  2. I think ending anything that you love doing hurts. For me, it's more of a lingering pain than the ripping off of a bandaid, but everyone's different :) Sort of like when you write The End ...

  3. Yanking off a bandaid...yep that is how it feels!

  4. I've changed gears many times. The most difficult decision was leaving a good job to finish my degree then write full time. It took me a full year to make the final decision, longer than it took to decide to marry my husband. That took about 2 seconds. And fewer regrets with him than with quitting the job!

  5. I'm just about finished with my mid grade fantasy after as much time as you. I'm looking forward to finishing it and working on my next novel. I work full time so squeeze in writing when I can.

  6. I'm so sorry that this is painful for you, but at least ripping off a bandaid is quick, right?

    I've got my first novel that I've around for 13 years, and yes, I think it's time to close the door on that baby. There may come a day to close the door on Monarch and other huge projects. It's difficult to do these things. I think graduating college and leaving that community of writers was one of the hardest things I've done.

  7. I did morning pages for a few weeks a long, long time ago. It was fun, but that was when I didn't have to get up early for work. If I'm not getting up early to work out I'm not getting up to write. 6:15AM is already early enough as it is!


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