Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's in a pocket?

OK, so I'm a huge fan of the TV show, "Bones."  Like, huge.  Like, could tell you minute details of episodes because I've seen them so many times.  (Seasons 1 and 2 only.  I've seen every episode, but those are the seasons I've watched the most.)

Next week the show is celebrating its 100th episode.  Not that you cared or anything.  In anticipation/honor of this event EW.com had a slideshow of 24 fun facts about the show.  One of them got me thinking.

The main male character, Booth, is a reformed gambling addict, ex-Army Ranger sniper, and a Catholic who may not go to Mass as often as he should but definitely is full of faith in his religion and his God.  One of the fun facts about the show was that Booth, when wearing pants that have pockets (which is most of the time),  always has craps dice, a brass Zippo lighter, and a Saint Christopher's medal in there.  These three items, I think, serve both as a way for the actor to connect with the character and also as a reminder for the character of where he's been, who he is, and how far he's come.

Q4U: What would your main character(s) carry in their pocket?

My male MC, while disillusioned to an extent with religion, was born and raised a Catholic.  He'd probably have a saint's medal in his pocket, most likely a Saint Adrian or Saint Maurice as their patronages are both related to the military.  A small copy of Countee Cullen's poem, "Incident," would likely be in his wallet.  That's about it.  He likes to travel light and being in the military, there's  not much use for pockets.  He's also one of those people whose hands are always busy doing something.  Cleaning his swords and bows, practicing his archery and fencing, flying a plane, etc.


  1. So far, my MC's have been girls who don't have pockets. Now that I think about it, it's actually kind of sad because that sounds like a great character development tool.

  2. Hmm my MC wouldn't carry anything in her pocket but she will carry a blue bound book for reference at all times! I guess if it was small enough it would fit in her pocket! It's the only thing she really needs!!

    Who doesn't love Bones! That and Criminal Minds!

  3. I tell you, Kayeleen, it was murder trying to figure out what my MC would carry. But enlightening to an extent.

    Jen, what's a blue bound book? Girls are tricky when it comes to pockets because jeans and other pants can come so skin tight you can barely get them on, let alone fitting anything into the pockets.

  4. This is great! I'm going to have to think about it. What an excellent way to get to know your characters better.

  5. Oh, fun question! What a great post! My MC would have dirt in his pockets, some type of small toy (Hot Wheels or a bouncy ball or a nerf dart) and a rock or two. :-)

  6. A piece of deer jerky.
    Sorry, you asked!

  7. Lydia, I did ask. And it's totally perfect. It definitely gives a clear picture of what the character could possibly both look and act like. Love it!

  8. Hmmm... I've never come across info about ancient Egyptians having pockets. So I'm just not sure!

  9. Have you ever read "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien? He manages to tell a really multi-layered story, purely through what soldiers carried in Vietnam!


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