Friday, March 12, 2010

Footloose and Fancy-free Friday Reading

What grabs you when you're reading a book?  What draws you in?

I've been working my way through my massive TBR pile, one portion of a book at a time.

Wait, one portion?

Yes, one portion.  You see, none of the books so far that I've attempted have drawn me in and refused to let me go.  I'm not going to name names, though.

I find that I take a book with me to school, read some, then I have to put it back into my bookbag because class is starting.  Then it's a couple of days before I can even have time to read again.

And I find myself not caring about the characters or storylines that I was reading.  I just don't feel the need or desire to know what happens to the characters.

I plan on moving to some re-reading that is on my TBR pile because I know those books will grab me and not let go.

I want to be upset when I have to put a book down.  I want to feel that "I can't wait to get back to this book" feeling.

What makes you put a book down?  What makes you keep reading?


  1. Definitely the characters. I want to feel like I'm in the story with them. Have a great weekend!

  2. I think that's one of the biggest problems I have with what I've been reading. I don't feel compelled to care about the characters.

  3. I don't know honestly... I get hooked on things easily, fall in love easily, care easily I guess because I find that books most people don't like, I still enjoyed. The things that keep me from finishing a book are sex, gore, cursing etc, but normally, once I pick up a book I'm happy. I do hate sad, kill-off-the-character endings. I expect some of that when it's been set up well, however.

  4. I have to care about the characters and what happens to them but I also want a strong plot. When I can't wait to find out what happens next, I won't want to put the book down.

    You're new site theme grabbed my attention! So I guess I can add unexpected plot twists to my list :)

  5. For me, it's micro-tension. (Yes, I am a follower of The Maass. *lol*) Think about the characters or storylines that aren't grabbing you? Is it because the characters are unworthy of your attention, or that the storyline is intrinsically boring? Generally, no. It's because the writer hasn't made you care about these things. Micro-tension will do that. Granted, it won't make you like a loathable character or get into a flat-noted plot, but it does make all the difference between books that are great and books that are good enough.

  6. Thanks for commenting everyone! I love these little mini-conversations that go on daily.

    LOL, Deb. Thanks. Designed it myself.

    Nisa, I totally agree about some of those things that make you put a book down. Just don't judge me for being okay with certain books that have cussing in them.

    GK, interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  7. If an author can suck me into their world by the third page, I'm done for. It can be a combination of just writing style, or character, or the setting.

  8. lol! I'm not the judgment type. I love ya! (Just let me know which great ones swear so I can have my husband go through and mark them out of the book before I read it! lol)

  9. I am having the same problem lately! I cannot find a single book that will hold my attention! And I hate it. I've been putting books down before I get to pg 10.

  10. Pacing grabs my attention, and a hook at the end of each chapter that teaser me into turning the page.

    By the way (I'm nosey), is this the background you were adding? I think I might know how to get rid of the line. There should be a line in the HTML that lets you pick where the picture is centered and how it is tiled or stretched. If you center-tile the background image it should put lines on the side rather than in the middle.

    If that doesn't help or this wasn't the new background I'm sorry :o(

  11. Pacing is important. World-building is good.

    Nisa, just stay away from Jasper Fforde and you'll be good. (He doesn't write YA.)

    LIana, yes, this is the background. I kind of wish it didn't tile but I don'tk now if I created it with enough pixels when I designed it. What's the code look like for the positioning? Because I really dislike the lines.

    Bethany, it's been a real challenge. I just want a book to say "You cannot go anywhere until you finish me."


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