Thursday, February 4, 2010

What would You Do?

I'm so glad you're all enjoying this feature.  Do, please, let me know if you ever tire of it.

Here's today's scenario.

You find out the man you're starting to be attracted to has used you to pull of a con.  But, he's had a change of heart mid-con.  Do you trust him?  Do you stay with him?  What about your MC?

There you go.  Enjoy.


  1. From personal experience, I would say never trust a con-artist. Now my MC may not posses this valuable life experience so she may stick by him.

  2. Does he look like Sawyer from Lost (former con man turned sorta good)? If the answer is yes, then I'm staying, lol.

  3. Hmmm. Hard to say. I'm usually pretty trusting. My MC? I'd have to say no.

  4. Yeah I'm with Roni - sounds like Sawyer from Lost.

    I think it depends on the MC. Take Bella Swan for example, low self esteem made her believe a lot of stupid things.

  5. Now, this one has the hopeless romantic in me torn to little, tiny pieces. The logical side of me says, "Leave the jerk behind! He's a loser!" but the romantic side of me says, "But he loves you! He's changed for the better!!"

    I have no idea what I would do. Case closed.

    My MC would stay with him, because she tends to think the best of everyone. If he says he's changed, then he's changed.

  6. Oh, now this one is challenging!

    I don't watch Lost (Yikes!, I know. . . lol) BUT if the gent happen to look like Michael Weston from Burn Notice, I'd forgive him anything! Hubba-hubba!

    Unfortunately, my MC isn't as easy as I obviously am , so she would most likely try to harden her heart against the blackguard, but secretly yearn for him. Of course, should he profess his undying love, all bets might be off. :)

  7. Hm, my MC might stay with him, but under close scrutiny for quite awhile. That whole trust thing is tricky to maneuver for the MC, but it's an interesting twist for the author to write into a story.

  8. I'm switching genders for this exercise. (not me, the scenario).

    I guess it would depend how hot she is. If I wasn't the target of the con, but there was some morally redeeming value to the con, I might hang with it...if there's fringe benefits. But a con artist is inherently untrustable. My MC probably would have a higher moral standard than me, so he'd probably ditch her.

  9. I think I'd stay if I was in love. I know my mc would.

  10. I would make him perform a stunning display of love and devotion to me, like stealing something truly awesome or whacking my archenemy.

  11. Thanks for all your comments! It's always so fun to get these brief little insights.


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