Monday, February 15, 2010

Author's Bookshelf February 15

So, now that I'm reading for pleasure again, I thought I'd revive my author's bookshelf series.

The 39 Clues: In Too Deep by Jude Watson

Location in Barnes and Noble: B&N Jr.

Why I read it:

I'm hooked on the series.  I have been since I read the first couple for a paper in grad school.


Sigh.  The MCs are in constant danger.  Again.  This time they're in Australia, following a path mysteriously shown to them by someone who wants them to know more about their now-deceased parents.  I am getting a little tired of the "danger at every turn" aspect of this series.  Yeah, their relatives are out to kill them.  I get that.  But, really, it's getting tiring.  It's making it tiring to read the books.  Don't get me wrong, they're super-entertaining.  I know I'm not the target audience for these books and I really do think that the taruget demographic won't get so tired of the constant danger.  They'll more likely be thinking, "How are they going to get out of this one now?"

I do like the character arc appearing for one of the secondary characters.  I'm quite pleased with it.  And the character arcs for the MCs, well, I'm torn on those.  The way the older girl's arc is going I find quite compelling but I'm just not seeing any change really in her little brother.  I do hope to see this begin to change in future installments, but I understand that he's only 11 and so there's not much to change other than maybe he'll hit puberty early.

I'm not trashing this book.  I'm just giving my honest opinion.  It's well-written, entertaining, and fast-paced.  Maybe a littel too fast-paced.

Final review: Thumbs up.

The 39 Clues: The Viper's Nest by Peter Lerangis

Location in Barnes and Noble: B&N Jr.

Why: Hooked.


We continue the character arc begun in book 6, at least for the girl MC.  I am still finding it quite compelling and it's getting even more emotionally complicated. Which is a very good thing.  (Side note: Did someone check the book for typos?  Because there's a paragraph or two in a couple spots where there seems to be an excess of question marks, many where there should be periods.  Just curious.)  The little brother is still pretty much the same though he might be showing early signs of a character arc coming his way.  I quite enjoyed the lessened sense of impending doom and danger in this book.  It was a nice breath of fresh air, really.  The kids weren't in constant jeopardy.  The girl MC even had time to sit and play a nice game of chess in the middle of everything.  Overal I felt this book was less emotionally taxing on me.

Final review: Thumbs up.

FTC disclaimer: I bought these books of my own free will with my hard-earned money.  No one paid me to review these and so you don't have any reason to look twice at this blog.


  1. i love fast paced books! Thanks for stopping by today :)

  2. I can appreciate a fast paced yarn, but I'll always adore a book with some meat-on-its-bones. Ha! I've always been a bit of a chubby chaser. *wink wink*

    Great review, Stephanie!

  3. Shelli, a good fast-paced read is definitely called for more often than not, for me at least.

    Sarah, definitely. These books do have meat on them, if you're in the target demographic. I still enjoy them though.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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