Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WiP Wednesdays 1/27

Okay, so I actually did get some writing done this week.  Not so much as I would like but I did accomplish some.

There's probably going to be a pretty major rewrite in this book's near future.  I will reserve judgment on such until I can maybe find a reader for it.  I just don't want to put tons of work into revising so many words that would get cut.

We're talking cutting at least 31,000 words here with this rewrite.  At the very least.  Which is a freaking daunting prospect because I've worked so hard to get where I'm at.

But like I said, I'm going to reserve final judgment on the execution until I can possibly get a reader.

Other news.  One character told me he wanted to be older.  And I've listened.  He just aged about 4 years.  So that'll put in some interesting dynamics between characters.

The blood pool is gone.  So is the associated body.  Now moving on to the next event.  There should be plenty of bodies by the time this trilogy is written.  (If it ever all gets written.)

Some interesting issues have arisen.  I'll have to work harder to make them more subtle.  I don't want to get preachy here after all.  (And I'm not really writing "literary" fiction here.  Nothing against it, but it's not what I'm aiming for.)

So, yeah, that's my update this week.


  1. I'm so glad you're moving forward and got some things done! And as someone who's deleted about 25 K, I feel your pain on that. But it makes the story so much better! (The second time I deleted--in the same story, same place--I only had to delete about 8 K words. So success!)

  2. Good for you for getting some stuff done. Don;t you just love it when characters have a mind of their own?!

  3. Thanks, everyone. I hope to have real progress to report next week.

  4. And by real progress, I mean I hope to say "I'm done!" on next Wednesday's post.

  5. Oooh...that's a lot of cutting. Good luck with that!

  6. Thanks, Jennifer. It's a quite daunting prospect at the moment so I'll need all that luck.


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