Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WiP Wednesdays 1/13

OK, so if you follow me on Twitter or you're my friend on Facebook, you probably saw me saying that I only had to write 750 or so words a day to finish before February rolls into town.

Um, I'm 3 days behind now.  School is just draining everything.  Am I 3 days behind?  I'm not really sure.

Maybe I'm only 2.  Yeah, it's 2.  So I could finish on Groundhog Day.

Wouldn't that be a fitting day to end on?  Seriously.  I could finally escape the book that wouldn't end.  And, like Bill Murray, I've been stuck in the book that won't end for years.

Or am I thinking Lambchop's Singalong?


On to the updates.  Let's see, I finished a chapter.  I've moved into another.  There'll be this one and then probably my big climax chapter.  Then there'll be the wrap-up to the climax chapter and then the final chapter.

I'm so close I can taste it.  There's been an attempt on a character's life and there's a lot of blood pooling in a location.

How's that for ominous?  I won't say whether that attempt was successful.

That's your update!  I'll be back by this evening to check in on things over here!


  1. 'm thrilled for you. Even if you hit a few days into Feb it's o big deal, you'll be done!

  2. HI Stephanie!

    Relax! You'll get there! I like getting your updates. I can't wait to see your "The End" post!

    Keep the faith, love the craft! :)

  3. Ooh! Blood pooling. I'm intrigued!

    Okay, so I have had that lambchop's song in my head since yesterday morning! Seriously. Not fun... Granted, I had changed the lyrics to "This is the day that never ends". you could just slide "book" in place of day. It's all good. *grin*

  4. Wow, blood pooling and Lambchop's singalong in a single post.

    I'm amazed. And now you have the song in my head. Is that show still even on? I think my kidlets would love it.

    Anywho, sorry that you're behind, but I think when you catch your next wind, you'll crank out far more than your daily goal.

    Good luck!

  5. The progress bar is looking healthy! I'm impressed that you can still write while going to school. Great!

  6. Woo hoo! And when you finish, you'll be on the biggest high of your life!! I can't wait to read that post. :)

  7. Good for you! You are so close. Best of luck getting it finished.

  8. Ooh, I like it! Sprint for the finish line!

  9. Thanks, Anne. It's good to have people in my corner.

    Sarah, thanks! I'm looking forward to that post, too. Thanks for stopping by.

    Nisa, sorry about the song being stuck in your head. I really can't think of a worse one to have stuck in there. LOL

    Windy, yeah, it's pretty special to get those both in one post, I think. Sorry about the song being stuck in your head. I don't think the show is on anymore. Shari Lewis died in '98 and the show ended the year before that. (Yeah, I looked it up. I'm a nerd.)

    Deb, thanks! Don't be too impressed. I'm not likely to get much done.

    Elana, you and me both. I can't wait to finish this thing.

    Susan, thanks!

    Ali, thanks! LOL


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