Thursday, January 21, 2010

What would You Do?

Today's situation:

Your life has been threatened so you hire private security to flush the threat.  He (or she if you're a guy) saves your life roughly 4 times.  Turns out your spouse hired the hit on your life.  When the private security person is going to comfort/escort you away, how do you react?  How does your MC react in such a situation?

Me, well, I'd probably be crying on the man's shoulder, literally.  But I'm a notorious cryer.  I cry bucketloads over the stupidest things.

As for Sabrina, my MC, she'd a) wish she'd been able to protect herself then b) be secretly grateful that the adults were there to take care of it and that she didn't have to use the abilities she doesn't want.


  1. I would be crying buckets too... But I'd probably be wanting to do what Nakine would do, which is plotting and manipulating both men until a) the spouse is dead and b) her protector has fallen head over heals for her.

  2. I think I'd be in shock. Because seriously, how does something like that really sink in? Followed by angry and hurt and confused. Crying, well, yeah, that totally goes without saying. But I'm also notorious for closing myself off when things get like that just so I can wade through the sitch, so chances are, I'd be like, "Dude, no one touch me unless you want ME to kill YOU" ... Lol!

  3. I would shut off. There's something so awful about that entire idea that I don't think I would allow myself to acknowledge it until I was sitting / lying down. Then I'd get flaming mad, probably hit and break things. Then the tears would come.

    My MC... She would cry silently and hold it all in, trying to find a way that she could have caused all of it to happen. At least, that's how she would respond pre-maturing. heh

    I really love this "What would you do?" section on your blog. It's really great. :)

  4. Windy, LOL

    Stef, thanks for sharing! Glad y'all are enjoying this feature.

  5. I'm like you - I would cry a bucket load of tears. But when I got through, I would plot my revenge. And it wouldn't be pretty!

  6. I'm a cryer as well... so I'd have to say that the tears would certainly be streaming down my face!

    Great blog!


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