Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WiP Wednesdays 12/9

I can't come up with a prize for today.  So I'm taking a break from prize awarding.

The winner of yesterday's prize was chosen through  I numbered the eligible comments from yesterday and input that number range.

The winner is Jill Edmondson!

Your prize is a collection of up to three poems on topics of your choosing!  Let me know those topics whenever you feel like it.  No pressure.  (On you.  Lots on me.)

Thursday's prize of a custom banner image for your blog or website will be awarded via as well.  All you have to do is comment on this post or tomorrow's post and you'll be in.  If you've won a prize already this week, you can't win tomorrow's.  But you're still eligible for the grand prize.  (Think AFV where the small winners are the ones up for the big cash every few episodes.)

All remaining prizes will be awarded via  All comments from the entire week are eligible for the grand prize drawing on Friday.


I have no idea where I left off last week with WiP Wednesday so I really don't know how many words got written this week.

I know it wasn't very many.  Saturday through today, I only wrote 304 words.


And, yes, that misspelling was intentional.  If you read the Cake Wrecks blog, you get the reference.  If not, you should be reading it.  Go search it out.  Then search the blog for "fial."  You'll find the post.

I'm still struggling to come to terms with the fact that this book will never see the light of Barnes&Noble.  It's heartbreaking to think.  But I know this book will require a gazillion years of editing work to make it feasible.  And I just don't know that this project is right for that kind of commitment.  I like my characters.  I like my story.  I know what will have to go to make it saleable.  And I don't want to lose that part of the story.  Not yet, anyway.

Do you all struggle with this?


  1. I'm still blissfully naive, but I'm hoping what I'm writing will be sellable sometime in the not too distant future!

  2. It's a fine line to balance to stay realistic and still be positive. Struggling right here along with you.

  3. I am with Embee. I'm a little naive, but I would guess I'll struggle with that someday. I can be a tad stubborn, rebellious maybe? I don't know. Call it what you like, but, yeah, I know what you mean.

  4. I'm struggling right now too! I know what *needs* to happen to my book. But making it happen? Not sure how to do that. Le sigh.

  5. I take writing a day at a time. I'm convinced that one day I will see HATSHEPSUT on the shelf at Barnes & Noble. I'm not sure if my little visualization exercise will work, but it certainly can't hurt!

  6. Yep, just struggled with it actually. I've had to cut huge hunks of my WIP to get it where it needs to be. I swallowed hard and just did it. As I'm editing now, I see how much better the story is. I'm saving the story line a cut, though, for another book. :)

  7. I want to be back in that happy phase where nothing was wrong with the book. I feel like first drafts should be like that while you're writing them. All those other feelings can come in on second drafts and beyond. But getting the story out that first time should be enjoyable.


    Glad I'm not the only one who struggles with these sorts of feelings.


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