Friday, December 4, 2009

Footloose and Fancy-free Friday First December Round

I can't believe it's December already.  How time flies.  2009 was such a better year all around than 2008 was.  I won't go into details.  Just suffice it to say that 2008 was a flush in the porcelain throne while 2009 resided in a much better place.

I took the plunge and joined Twitter.  StephanieLMcGee is the name it comes up on over there.  I can't figure out how to link it or I would.  If I'm quiet over there, just know it's because I'm trying to figure out how best to utilize it.  That and I'll be writing like mad the next few days.

I talked about my TBR and book wishlists yesterday.  Books make me happy.  I want to be able to surround myself with books someday.  Just have a nice library in which to sit and read.

Something akin to this, only a little cozier.

That's a portion of the reading room at the British Museum.  It's a big circular room mostly lined with bookshelves.  And those shelves are crammed with wonderful tomes that you have to have a membership to access.  (Same goes for the British Library, but the British Library's display room is free of charge. First Folio Shakespeare, illuminated Chaucer, original Beowulf.  It's fabulous. Oh, and Jane Austen's writing desk.)

Yeah, someday.  I'd rather have books than clothes, as I proved to myself the other day when I got my first paycheck.  Rather than blow it on clothes, like I easily could have, I opted to go to the bookstore.  I did some Christmas shopping and spoiled myself.  Books, books, and more books.

I need more space to store them all in, though.  Alas, they'll have to return to their boxes soon enough.

Q4U: Do you like this Friday feature?  Or should I just discontinue it and only post 3 days a week?


  1. I'd rather have books than clothes too. And I like this feature. I saw you followed me on Twitter. I have yet to figure the whole thing out so I never go on there. I'm also considering changing my name, so we'll have to keep in touch about it.

  2. I loved this post!

    I haven't been to the reading room, but it's on my list. And one day after my book is published I want to go the Library of Congress and find my novel on the shelf.

  3. Ooh, bookstores are a dangerous place for me. I want EVERYTHING. I'm glad you bought books. They're way better than clothes!

  4. Okay books and clothes come in a tie for me. I have a serious shopping/reading problem and neither wants to take precedence over the other. If I buy a blouse I have to buy a book too.

    It's only fair...

  5. Books can't make a girl look fat. Books all the way. ANd I like your Friday feature.

  6. Susan, don't worry about the twitter thing. Seriously, I'm not sure what to use it for.

    Stephanie, thanks! Finding your book at the LoC would be super awesome too.

    Elana, totally know the feeling. And, yes, books are better than clothes regardless of how practical the latter may be.

    Tamika, LOL

    Bethany, ROFL

    Thanks for the feedback on the blog. I appreciate it.

  7. I like Friday feature. Keep it :)

    Oh wow, that picture of all those wonderful books. Now that is a place I would happily lay down and die in :)


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