Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WiP Wednesdays 11/25

I promised you guys a short WiP Wednesday amid my blog hiatus for the holiday week.  So here it is.

I'm in a slump again.  I finished the chapter from Hades and it's like the Thing won't shut up.

I've spent loads of time looking back through everything I've written so far to find the unresolved plot threads and the inconsistencies.  I've made note of the things I really want to change when I go back in to revise.  (Assuming I ever finish the book.)

The Thing won't go away.  The positive is that I only lost 2 words in the process of looking for all those little details that get overlooked.  I think that's amazing.  I merely noted the scenes I wanted to revise instead of just going and rewriting them all together.  That's progress for me.


  1. I've got to go through my chapter and delete a ton of crap. *sigh* I'm not liking mine much either. Good luck!

  2. Hey, I say any progress counts - right? Right!

    Have a fantastic holiday :D

  3. Thanks, Chelle. Same to you.

    Tess, same to you. Thanksgiving is fabulous.

  4. Congrats on the progress, you're working much harder on your wip than I am right now!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Thanks, Deb! Working hard? Try hardly working.


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