Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WiP Wednesdays 11/11

Boy does time fly.  It flies by me to taunt me.  It says, "You've not written anything in 3 days."  It teases me.  It tells me I'll never finish this novel.

Something else tells me this novel will never see the light of day.

Which breaks my heart because this is the novel that I started my writing journey with.  It's been with me for years.  It will remain with me for my whole life.

Not that I'm complaining.  Because I'm not.  I'm just reporting that I have no progress to report.  I'm still stuck in the chapter from Hades.  My brain can't grasp the concept of jumping ahead and coming back to it.

My goal for the week, between now and the next time I have to post a WiP Wednesday, is to have finished this chapter.



  1. I understand completely Stephanie. Time is my evil step sister, running off to the ball leaving me with all the chores.

    I hope you accomplish your goal!

  2. It'd be really funny if the chapter were actually set in Hades :)

    wv: hellog -- I kid you not -- kellogs from hell :).

  3. Good luck with the chapter Stephanie! And hey, aren't you a little busier now that you're working?!

  4. Thanks, Tamika. I know what you mean on the whole evil stepsister thing.

    Bane, too funny! I didn't even realize I had word verification set on here. Hmmmm...set the chapter in Hades....I dunno. Maybe.

    Thanks, Deb. You would think that, but I don't work again until Monday so I've got a lot of free days. (Not that I mind my work schedule. I'm just happy to have a job.)

  5. I so understand! My goal was to rewrite one chapter a day. Hmm... let's see. Last week, I rewrote one chapter (it was from hades, too). So far this week, I've done one and am moving on to the next. I feel like I will never get done.

  6. I have my fingers crossed you can reign in the three-headed dog and get the heck out of Hades with that chapter. :)

  7. I echo your first paragraph with every fiber of my being!

  8. One day at a time! One chapter (or paragraph, sentence, or word) at a time!

    You'll get there!

  9. Susan, you'll get done. Really, you will. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm slow and unsteady so I may never win. Sigh.

    Thanks, L.T. Took me a second to figure out what you were saying, but I got there. I catch on eventually. LOL

    Elana, you'll win NaNo. I'm sure of it. (If not, you'll at least have conquered another mountain.)

    Stephanie, thanks!

  10. Aw, but the chapters you envision in your mind count, too! They just haven't made it on paper yet. But they will!

  11. You ready for Corny Julie's Moment of the Day? LOL. But seriously. You can do it, Stephanie, I know you can. I've been there too. Some days you just question yourself, your story, and everything. But you've been with this story for so long and that's gotta be for a reason. It's your story and you feel a need to tell it. You'll manage to do it somehow, one chapter at a time or one word at a time if it comes to that. Good goal! Does it work if you reward yourself with candy? Works like a charm for me every time.

  12. Keep at it. It will get done.


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