Friday, November 6, 2009

Footloose and Fancy-free Friday Second Edition!

New rules:

1- Write everything longhand first; on Tuesday type up the week's writings
2- Write every day, no matter what
3- Finish a darned draft of something!

1- No more complaining about writing being hard/difficult/whatever
2- No more pressure to be the wonder blogger who comes up with fabulous posts every. single. time.

1- Smack me when I break blog rule #1
2- Laugh at me when I act stupid or immature
3- Have fun!

Did that last category get you worried there for a second?  Sorry.  It's just all been on my mind lately.

To explain blog rule #1: No matter how trying writing may get, it's nothing compared to the real life battles I've been through and survived relatively unscathed.  Thus, I am no longer allowed to complain about writing because writing is fun and it's my passion.  Smack me if I complain.  Or stop following the blog.  That can act as a virtual slap.

Writing rule #1 may actually be eliminated.  If last night was any indication, I'll never get anywhere if I wait a week to type up everything I wrote.  You see, I didn't write yesterday.  At least, not in the notebook that I use to write in.  I'd written 900+ words the day before.  But I didn't type it out until yesterday.  And I seriously changed so much of what I'd written.  I added a couple hundred words to what I wrote, but the bulk of what's in the computer is different from what I wrote longhand.  So that rule will probably get thrown out the window.  Sigh.

I'm thinking of having a contest but I honestly can't come up with a prize.  So it's on hold.  Feel free to put your cost-free prize ideas in the comments section, if you so desire.  The only prize I can think of is entirely selfish and self-serving and I know that no one would want to compete for it so I probably won't use it.

Fingers crossed I'll have a job soon.  Interviewed the other day.  Just waiting.  I'll probably call and follow-up today.  We'll see.  Another interview happening on Monday.

Yes, I'm rambling.  I'll stop now.

The best things on earth, the things I really really want:

Yoda tree topper
Star Wars nutcrackers
Vader clock radio
Vader computer topper
Vader kite

What's that?  Nerd, you say?  Why, yes, I do believe it an appropriate moniker.

Oh, and for the record, my mother really wants a Chia Obama.  The commercial cracks her up every. single. time.


  1. Hey, writing is hard. You are totally free to complain as much as you like. :) But when you do complain, you have to make yourself write something positive at the end of the blog post. That's the way I've always reviewed people's work: something positive, something negative/needs to be improved, and then something positive. It's ok to get discouraged sometimes but the thing that makes us keep writing is what you said, passion, and it helps to vent and then remember that.

    I'm still way impressed that you write everything longhand first! I'm such a wimp. Hmm ... cost-free prize ideas. Maybe you can review the first chapter of a WIP? Give them a pretty award to put on their blog? Or have them do a guest blog post on your blog so it's like free advertising?

  2. Way to work on regimenting yourself. I should try that. Sometime. Maybe.

    All that I can commit to is the write in my wip everyday. No time, no quantity (even though I am doing Nano).

    So here's to you, writing things out (long hand - very impressive), committing to goals, and reaching out - because everyone needs cheerleaders in their corner and I'm happy to support!

    You can do it!

  3. I could never slap you Stephanie!

    Thanks for sharing your goals. It helps to arrange our priorities so that we are progessing.

    Writing is hard, but worth it. Keep doing what you love and eventually that is all that will matter.

    Praying for your interview!

  4. I agree with Julie-- writing is hard work. You can complain whenever you need to. We understand.

    Btw, I gave you an award on my blog =]

  5. Fingers crossed on the interview... and don't worry about whining, we all need an outlet and writing ain't easy! :)

    I, too, am going to have to say that I wouldn't be able to smack you.

  6. Great rules! Although the thought of writing everything longhand just makes my hand hurt, but I know a lot of people work better that way.

    And feel free to complain, we won't smack you. :)

    And I think if you can accomplish the finishing of a draft, it will make you feel so much better. When I finally typed "the end" on something, my stress level dropped tremendously, even though I knew I had a ton of revisions to do.

    Good luck with the interviews!

  7. I write everything longhand too, but I type it up every night. It keeps me on top of it. I could never wait a week.

  8. Good goals. I write in long hand, then type it all up when I'm finished. That's for short stories, anyway. For the novel, I'm typing up each chapter as I finish, except now I'm about three chapters behind. Oh, well. At least I won't have to try to type the whole novel at once. I view it as a bonus to be able to edit what I've written while I'm typing it up.

  9. Julie, that's truly the best way to review work (and to crit it) because too much negativity doesn't help. Thanks for the prize ideas.

    Windy, it's not so much regimenting myself as trying to kick my behind into gear. Best of luck with the rest of NaNo. Longhand's not so impressive. I just do it because it frees me to write whenever and wherever. (And it's just habit because I started writing long before I could spend endless hours on a computer.)

    Tamika, you're kind. But I mean it about the slapping! LOL Thanks.

    Natalie, thanks.

    L.T., you're sweet. Writing's not easy sometimes, you're right.

    Susan, I don't think I could wait a week either. Not if yesterday's experiment tells me anything.

    Angie, it is nice to let the inner editor play during the process. I find it keeps mine at bay when I'm writing out longhand first. I just don't usually edit quite so much as I did when typing up Wednesday's writing.

    Oh, btw, those prayers must have really been something because I canceled the interview for Monday after being offered the job I interviewed for on Wednesday.

  10. Congrats on your new job! That's awesome!

  11. Congrats on the job Stephanie! Yay! And sorry, I couldn't smack you either. I might be able to handle a little poke :)

  12. Thanks, Deb! Smack, poke, whatever. Just so long as you don't let me complain and whine about writing being hard.

  13. I left you a little candy on my blog...stop by and pick it up when you get a chance. :)



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