Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WiP Wednesdays 10/7

I'm a failure.

I'm a hack.

I'm a poser.

I have no progress to report on Lodestar.

I did absolutely nothing for it this week.  Not a single word has been written.  Not one background thing that needs to be done has been accomplished.

That is all.


  1. Oh, come on. I doubt that. I'm sure you've just been gathering your thoughts before you sit down to really dig into it, right?

  2. *shyly raising hand*

    ditto for me.

  3. You would think that, Windy, but sadly it is so not true. I did nothing for this book this last week.

    Tess, put your hand down! You are not any of these things!

  4. You are not a loser/hack/failure, but I'm with you on the lack of progress. I'm stuck in the between project funk and can't seem to latch on to a new idea, which is driving me nuts.

    Maybe we'll both be back on the wagon next week.

  5. We have to allow our selves a break now and then, I fully intend to be a sloth for a few days!

    And you have written some great posts so not all is lost :)

  6. That happens to me too, all the time. Then next week I outmatch myself, as if catching up... Either life gets in between or you're just not in the right mood for writing, but I'm sure you'll have a great and rich WIP post next week!

  7. Meh. You're doing just fine :)

    All the work is in your head, whether you're thinking about your MS actively or not. No biggie. We all need breaks.

  8. I guess that makes me a loser, too! No, really, we aren't losers. Some weeks are just going to be that way. We have to cut ourselves some slack.

  9. Hi there,

    Take heart! At one point my novel sat for over four months. I almost forgot about it... Just recently that same novel was accepted for publication. :) Just keep moving forward.

    -Jacob Parker

  10. Good luck with getting a new idea, Roni.

    SF, but all I've done is write posts. I blog instead of work on this project. I need to find my dedicated time for writing. Good luck with the revisions.

    Thanks, Ivana.

    But this has been a horribly long break and I feel like such a failure, L.T.

    LW, you're not a loser.

    Thanks, Jacob.

  11. Hi from a fellow novice writer :) I found your blog by chance while searching for blogs about writing. I took a cursory look through your posts (will be reading more carefully eventually!) and it sounds like you really love with you do. Everyone hits roadblocks now and then. Don't let it get you down! Some days (or weeks or months - it was definitely months for me this summer) the words just flow a little slower... I've definitely been there. Keep going :)

  12. Now, now, no name calling.

    It happens to everybody.

    And at least you admitted it. :)

    Now go write so you can report something next Wednesday. :)

  13. Hang in there. Sometimes the words just need time to cook.

  14. Thanks everyone.

    Welcome Julie! Hope you enjoy something I posted here.

  15. Oh so hard on yourself! We all slack off occasionally. Wishing you lots of luck for the next writing spurt!

    Kate x


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