Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My blog

I'm worried I'm going away from what I intended on this blog.  I'm not an expert at the craft of writing and yet I persist in writing about the craft.  My information bar at the top states that my blog is "My place to explore my personal voice, update on my works-in-progress, and generally converse" yada yada yada.  (You can read the whole thing if you want.)  I've got the second one covered with my WiP Wednesdays posts.

But the first one?  I'm not so sure on.  After this week, I may be taking a break from my regular Tuesday and Thursday posts to think hard about what I want this blog to really be.  It's titled "Chronicles of a Novice Writer" but I don't feel I'm really chronicling anything.  You'll still get WiP Wednesdays and Fiction Fridays.  For a time, anyways.

But I need to take some time away to think about what I truly want this blog to be about.  I worry I'm not being true to who I am to try to be the fount of advice on all things writerly.  Because I'm certainly not an endless fount of wisdom.  I don't think I have any wisdom to part with on this blog, really.  But maybe that's the best wisdom- find what you like and stick with it.

I don't know.  But I just wanted to let you all know about the break so you don't think I fell into the toilet or something.  (Though I do sometimes wonder if I'd really end up in Australia or China if that happened.)


  1. You have to do what feels right to you about your blog. But don't feel bad about dishing advice when you're a novice. I do the same thing. The blog posts I do are as educational for me (because I research the topic first)as they hopefully are to others. It's more information redistribution than advice really.

  2. I hope you figure it out, because I like reading your blog. :)

  3. I worry about the same issues regarding my blog. I like FG's take on it. We're all on a similar journey and the important thing here is that we're connecting and sharing our experiences.

  4. Sometimes that happens with me and perhaps why there are no comments on my page. Perhaps I am going a little off topic on my blog, who knows? Or perhaps my subscribers are taking a sort of grace period?

    You can come to my blog if you want: I have a poetry contest, 2 of them that I am doing. I have details.

  5. I always feel this way about my blog, then I realized it's my blog and I'm just sharing what I think I've learned and others might want to hear. I often think I'm not personal enough on my blog, either, although lately I've been getting a little more personal, and it feels pretty good.

    Your blog is your blog. Let it be what you want it to be. I hope you don't stay away too long.

    Oftentimes the best advice and knowledge comes from those who don't think they have anything to share, but share what the think anyway. We often can't see our own strengths. :)

  6. Groupie, maybe I should do that. Research more before I post. Usually I just get an idea from something I read or watch and then I post about it.

    Thanks, Elana.

    SF, that is the third part of my mission statement for this blog. And I love the comments that get posted here. I love feeling like I'm part of a community.

    Shigune, only you can determine whether you're on or off topic. It's a judgment call that no one can make for you.

    Glam, that's exactly how I feel. I worry that people really aren't connecting to me. But I don't want this blog to branch too far from the writing aspect. It's a tough balance to strike. And I agree on the last bit, how we often don't see our own strengths.

    Thanks, everyone. I've got WiP Wednesday written and I've got a post for Thursday. Maybe I'll have figured out the blog thing by next Tuesday. We'll see.

  7. Oh, this is a tough thing to struggle with! I do it all the time. Suffice to say that we all like reading your stuff, so that's got to count for something!

  8. Hi,

    Just for what it is worth I enjoy reading your blog.

    Take Care

    Kate xx

  9. Thanks, Carrie and Kate. I greatly appreciate the feedback I've received and it will all be taken under advisement.


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