Monday, August 10, 2009

You asked for it, now you'll get it

Poll results:

9 of the votes said WiP Wednesday.
1 of the votes said my goals updates on Saturday nights.

Some comments said both.

So you get both.

Saturday goals updates will be strictly numbers. The week will go from Sunday to Saturday. Numbers will include how many poems, if any, I wrote that week, how many words I wrote for Sunstone or whatever other WiP I am working on at that point, and the percentage of completion I've reached in the current WiP.

WiP Wednesdays will be commentary on what progress I've made. I might tell a humorous story about something that happened to me while I was writing. Or I might talk about the funny coincidence of writing a scene while listening to music on my iPod and a song comes on that perfectly fits the scene. (I listen to my music on shuffle so I never know what's coming next.) You get the idea, though, right? It's just going to be random ramblings on the WiP.

More features to come on the blog in the ensuing weeks. Hold on to your socks!


  1. *reaching down to grab socks*


  2. Socks securely held. And...go!

  3. Hee hee...patience oh wise ones. Tomorrow will reveal one such feature...

    Okay, stopping with the Carradine imitations now.

  4. I love listening to music when I write. It always inspires me. I look forward to all of your random ramblings!

  5. Looking forward to WiP Wednesday! I'd like to figure out how to put a progress bar or two on my site...

  6. Thanks, LW.

    SF, ditto that. Not tech savvy enough to figure it out though...


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