Sunday, July 5, 2009

Author's Bookshelf 6/28-7/4

I didn't get a lot of reading done this week, but what I did read was important to me to get through.

Writer's Digest

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The poetry prior to the flarf section of the current issue of Poetry

Itch Like Crazy by Wendy Rose

Location in Barnes and Noble: Not sure, I bought it on Amazon, but check the Native American Studies section in the social issues area. (Near the African-American and Women's sections.) For some reason, bookstores don't put fiction written by these sorts of groups in with the rest of the fiction. You have to dig for it.

Why I read it: I'm working on my book-length poetry collection and one section is about family. Rose's poetry is about her search for the truth about her family history, her genealogical research, and much more. I read them in order to get a feel for how she writes about her family so I can start to figure out the ways in which I want to talk about my family in this section. With a sometimes-tongue-in-cheek humor, sometimes with anger or bitterness, she explores cultural relations and family in this very well-crafted work.

Final review: Thumbs up. If you like to read poetry, you should probably check it out for yourself.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Researching your genealogy can be very useful in coming to understand your family. Actually writing about them seems a daunting task to me. I guess you have to find that magic balance between honesty and diplomacy. You’re braver than I to take on such a task!

  2. One of my professors in graduate school said this, quoting someone else, and I'm likely messing up the quote, "When a writer is born into the family, the family is screwed." I've loved that ever since, because it can become so true.



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