Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Author's Friend: Bookstore Bargain

Bookstore Bargain: I miss you, friend. You spend so little time with me of late. Novice Writer Anonymous, why do you not come visit me?

NWA: But, Bargain, you're such a dangerous friend to have! I can't spend more than a few minutes with you at a time!

BB: What?! Me?! Dangerous? Lies! Who has told you such lies?

NWA: No one has told me lies. I know what dangers lay in your deep shelves. They can be very tantalizing dangers, though, I will admit. But I haven't the resources to plumb your depths and avoid the dangers.

BB: Tell me what these dangers are? I offer you such wonderful treasures.

NWA: Yes, it's true that you can be very helpful. I have found many a useful tome in your shelves. But it has been many months since I did so. There hasn't been anything interesting, pertinent, or appealing to the eye in your treasures lately.

BB: But if you'd just spend more time with me I know I can find you something really valuable. Remember that book on world mythology you got? That's proved invaluable hasn't it? And what about that character traits book?

NWA: I'll admit those were helpful. But I have bought so many books from your collection that there is nothing new that I absolutely need.

BB: But I'm so budget-friendly!

NWA: That's the danger I spoke of!

BB: How is that a danger?

NWA: Your stores are so cheap that I can easily get carried away and end up going over my budget!

BB: Spend more time with me and I'll help you find the most valuable of all my works.


  1. You know that as soon as you step across the threshold, you won't be leaving without a purchase. I can't tell you not to go in, but I definitely sympathize!

  2. It's so true. I love the bargain section of the bookstore.

  3. Isn't it like crack to those of us who value a dollar? It somehow fills that shopaholic tendency.

  4. It really is. It's a sad addiction sometimes. But I can never go into a bookstore without looking through their bargain section.

  5. I have this same conversation all the time. Alas, not only with Bargain Bookstores. :)


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