Saturday, July 18, 2009

Authorial Goals Revised

OK, as I draw closer to the time where I will be writing at a fever pace I realize that my goals need some revision as they aren't entirely practical. See my original laying forth of my goals for comparison.

Now to the end of the month
As many poems as I can, preferably one per day

Finish world-building on novel series #1

August 1 to August 30

Draft of first book of Sunstone Saga at minimum pace of 2,000 words per day

September 1 to October 31

World-building for novel series #2 tentatively titled Shattered Ties

November 1 to November 30

Draft of first book of Shattered Ties series at minimum pace of 2,000 words per day, preferably 3K to 4K per day

December 1 to December 31

Revise Sunstone Saga #1

January 1 to January 31

Revise Shattered Ties #1

Beyond these days

Draft the other books in the series, find a critique group (more on that in the coming weeks), query, revise, query, revise, write, etc.

Again, I fear it will be like this:


  1. You can do it!

    Authorial - good word


  2. Great goals. I'm sure you can do it. You've inspired me to set a few goals for myself.

  3. Those are wonderful goals. Just keep at it. I find even if I don't make the goals, I still get more done than I would without them.

  4. Wow! I admire your ambition. Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. Good luck from me too. It's too easy to give up and much harder to carry on... I'm sure that you have what it takes to become a great writer. Just keep going!

  6. Y'all are so sweet. Thanks for the encouragement. Just don't expect the blogging to go beyond the four scheduled posts per week during the month of August! If you see me posting too much on blogger, scold me, tell me to get back to writing, and try not to write things that are so darned interesting! *smile*


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