Thursday, June 25, 2009

Authorial Goals

Such a lofty sounding title for something so mundane, right? I have been struggling of late to kick start the creativity gears so I've laid out some concrete timelines and goals for myself. I had the idea this morning that it might be a good idea to put them out in the world so that I'd maybe have more motivation to start on them as well. So, here goes.

Now to July 31, 2009

One poem or short story per day

Finish world-building on novel series #1

August 1 to August 30

Draft of #1 in novel series #1 or draft of all of novel series #1 at minimum pace of 2,000 words per day

September 1 to October 31

World-building for novel series #2

November 1 to November 30

Draft of #1 in novel series #2 or draft of entire novel series #2 at minimum 2,000 word per day pace

December 1 to December 31

Revise finished draft of novel series #1 (what's completed of it anyways)

January 1 to January 31

Revise finished draft of novel series #2

I have a feeling completion of these goals will be like this:


  1. I set goals for myself all the time. Unfortunately, I have a hard time sticking to them. Come by and check out my blog. My readers and I are getting ready to have what I've called The Writer's Slumpbuster. You might want to join. It's just for fun.

  2. The slumpbuster sounds great! Thanks for the feedback on this post.

  3. Ambitious and challenging! I love it.

    Hehe.. I'm not quite ready to start setting goals yet, until I finish moving. Or am I? Ok, thanks to you, I have JUST now set a goal of setting my project goals by August 1st. Thankee.

  4. Glad I could help, Christopher. Hope your move goes well and you're able to set your goals when you need to set them!

  5. I am in a bit of a slump myself. I tried to set some goals for the summer but so far I am failing - like your kittie picture.

    I'll keep trying. Maybe it is a summer issue with some of us?


  6. Summer issue or just trying to get back into it after a period of not writing? At least it is for me.

    Good luck with your goals, Jenna.


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